Ethanol in the pharmaceutical industry

High purity, combined with the international quality standard according to the European pharmacopeia (Pharma EU), is the distinguishing feature of this alcohol. Denaturants according to customer wishes are available in both percentage strengths of 96% and 99%.

Your advantage

For our customers in the pharma industry, we offer comprehensive documentation and analysis certificates According to DAB (GERMAN PHARMACOPEIA) or EURO PHARMACOPEIA

We offer the following products in this range:



Alcohol level


Ethanol, Neutral neutral, surfin quality 

min. 99,8 %vol.

450 02

Ethanol, neutral, azeotropic, DAB (German Pharmacopoeia) quality

min. 96,0 %vol.

520 02

Ethanol, neutral, dehydrated, DAB (German pharmacopoeia) quality 

min. 99,9 %vol.

520 06

Neutral ethanol, dehydrated, cosmetic quality

min. 99,9 %vol.