Our services

In addition to customer solutions involving ethanol manufacturing and distribution we also offer various services for our customers, pertaining to waste recycling, in addition to the finishing and storage of ethanol products.



Another area of business within our range of services is the recycling of waste containing ethanol. The sector is primarily geared towards customers from the pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetics industry, who utilize ethyl alcohol in their production processes and thereby produce waste. This material is processed in a separate production unit with its own tanks.


Storage and inventory turnover

KWST offers the leasing of inventory capacities and the stock turnover of ethanol among the shipping modes of tanker cars, rail tank cars or inland vessels. Given the vast tank inventory capacities, the modern loading equipment and the convenient logistical location of the hub east of Hanover, there are significant advantages for our customers.


Custom purification and dehydration

The refinement of ethanol on a contract basis is among our range of services. This includes the rectification of raw or industrial alcohol to neutral alcohol, the dehydration of neutral or industrial alcohol or, where appropriate, the process of order picking and shipping to the customer.

In particular, the recycling of merchandise contaminated on the shipping route between Rotterdam/Amsterdam/Antwerp is a service often taken advantage of due to the favorable logistical connection via the Mittelland Canal.


Recycling of waste materials containing sugar or starch

The distillery Rockstedt GmbH & Co. KG is a former agricultural collective distillery, which, from its location in Rockstedt/Ostereistedt, converts grain and potatoes, along with other agricultural raw materials and/or other waste materials containing sugar and starch, into crude alcohol.